In an evolving global business market, good accounting practices are essential. Robust financial reporting gives confidence to your shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders, and enables your business to make confident and informed decisions.

Why choose Atef Kashada & Co. ?

Atef Kashada & Co, provides you by full service accounting services that adhere to the highest standards established for your industry. We will make recommendations and provide clarity on how accounting changes impact your tax compliance, reporting platforms. We will also develop and implement accounting systems and provide our clients accurate, timely and reliable information and reports that comply with laws and standards.

What do we offer ?

Bookkeeping : This is the backbone of any accounting system, our professional team consists of highly experienced bookkeepers who will manage and maintain your accounting records, ensuring that all transactions are recorded accurately. We perform regular reconciliations of key accounts, such as the bank accounts, to ensure that the financial information we produce can be relied upon. We have systems and procedures in place to ensure that the work we produce for your business is of the highest standards.

Payroll service : We offer a comprehensive set of payroll-related service, our service includes recording the salaries of all employees, preparing and filing appropriate tax forms in accordance with the Libyan laws and regulations, calculating the salary tax due on all employees, in addition to submitting the employees’ social forms to the Social retirement fund . Our Payroll Team can also produce reports for your accounts department, pay slips for employees and payments to third parties of amounts deducted, such as the Libyan Tax Authority, and the Social retirement fund .

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